About the Author: Marie Foss Hafen

Photo of Marie Foss HafenMarie Foss Hafen always looked forward to the day she could enjoy the blessings as a wife and mother but never anticipated the heartbreak of becoming a single mother of five children. Her sincere love of babies and children is a great part of who she is. It is through her own personal struggles, of rearing her own children in financially and emotionally difficult times, that she realized the greatest gift. This gift is to provide a loving and safe home. She says that her talented five children and their companions, along with her wonderful grandchildren make life interesting and gratifying. Years later, when she met and married Ralph R. Hafen (with his family of five adult children and their families), her life was enhanced and blessed.

Marie's book, Dear Mommy Dear Daddy, is written from the perspective of the baby. It is illustrated in child-like images to guide the reader toward becoming more aware of how children see the world. Marie is dedicated, to finding ways, to have her book in the hands of teenage mother's, parents in prison, single and exhausted parents, and families who want to become better parents. With over one million teen mothers emerging every year, Marie feels the need to give these young teenage minds an understandable perspective of how to create that feeling of love and safety in their baby’s life.

Marie invites anyone, who feels the desire to bless the life of a baby, to give this (easy to read and to understand) parenting book to families, birthing hospitals, health departments, alternative high schools that encourage teen mothers, parenting classes and other resources that are involved with babies and children. This will be one more baby who is not neglected, ignored or abused.

Thank you for loving children!